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About Us

Every day, we get to do what we love doing - install electrical/solar power systems and devices.

To us, whether we're pulling wire or installing building electrical subsystems; providing service & maintenance, installing solar electricity/thermal/water pump systems, or managing  a client's project; electrical installation is just 'another fun day at the office'.

At Mac Electrical & Solar Contracting, we take great pride in our work. Competence, quality, attention to detail, and client trust are the pillars of our company. We believe in teamwork, and all of our team members play an important role in serving our customers;  therefore combining more than four decades of industry experience to work for you.

Many of our team members consisitng of: electricians, associate engineers, and Certified Solar PV installers, carry OSHA safety cards. We are ready to serve you - with attention to safety first.

In fact, we are trained on all of the manufacturer systems that we specify for your project. Go ahead, pick up the phone, or email us today to speak with one of our Service Managers about your project. Our company is fully licensed and insured.

What makes us different from so many other electrical companies?

  1. Simply put, we know what we are doing. This is not arrogance, but instead confidence in our team's ability and competence. Electrical competence is what, designers, builders, consumers, the AHJ, and other stakeholders continue to demand - and need.
  2. We are a 100% Bahamian-owned company. We don't just do business here, 'we born and we live here'.
  3. More and more customers continue to trust us because We Care. We treat customers as if we are the customers ourselves. We respect their hard-earned dollars; and provide quality service.
  4. We are a one-point of contact for customers. Meaning, we can design/install both the electrical and solar power systems. This means more savingsless headaches, for our clients . Plus less subcontractors moving around their home and/or property.
  5. We provide experienced, expert advice, quality work, and after sales support.
  6. We do not sell solar home systems 'in a box' because we are not salesmen with 'catchy' phrases; and hidden ulterior motives to simply scam consumers. In contrast, we understand that each customer is unique, and each project will have a unique electrical or solar system need.
  7. Our team remains up-to-date with the latest technological advances - via in-house, and overseas training; on various manufacturer products, and industry/code changes.
  8. We continue to strive in adopting the best project management and quality assurance/control processes, to ensure that our clients receive high quality installations, and to meet or exceed client expectations.

Why we started our business:

Mac Electrical & Solar Contracting Company was started to:

  • Provide local/international architects, engineers, interior designers, building contractors, property managers, and the general public; with a full - diversified 'one-stop-shop' solution for electrical systems installation & services for their projects.
  • Relieve consumers who are frustrated and disappointed with 'shady' electricians who under-performed, or provided poor quality work and/or service.
  • Provide customers with a professional team of technicians, who will stand on our company values of Integrity, Responsibility, Trust and Quality of Service.
  • To contribute to the society at large, as best as we can, by helping to improve communities - through government and/or private partnerships.
  • To assist policymakers, NGOs, and relevant stakeholders, in helping to improve The Bahamas' electrical and energy policies, while conforming with national/international codes, standards, and industry best practices.  

Our client services include, but not limited to:

  • Design/Assist
  • Electrical Consulting & Electrical Systems Inspections
  • Solar Water Pumping System Design(i.e. utility water management, irrigation/agriculture, leisure, etc.)
  • Project Management & Quality Control/Quality Assurance
  • Solar Photovoltaic Energy Systems Design & Inspection

Some common General Public Complaints that we've heard from consumers regarding other  electricians/electrical contractors:

  1. Poor electrical service & sub-standard work
  2. Financial lost and psychological stress - by hiring the 'wrong' company to install their electrical systems.
  3. Un-returned calls; having to chase down the electrician to finish the job.
  4. Installations not up-to electrical code & AHJ standards.

OUR SOLUTION @Mac Electrical: Install quality products, and provide turn-key electrical services that meet and/or exceed customer expectations - on every project, everytime.

With over 40 years(minimum) of electrical and construction experience, our qualified and competent team of technicians, engineer associates/consultants, and project managers, work toward a smooth electrical installation process.

We understand the importance in forming good relationships with the general public. No matter an individual's social status.

How we started our business: 

Mac Electrical was founded by Ray McDonald in 2009, and later re-branded to Mac Electrical & Solar Contracting Co. after the creation of a separate division that focuses on renewable energy soltuions.

He began his electrical career as an apprentice in 1998, after graduating high school in 1997. In his early 20's while working as the electrical foreman on a high-end home, situated on Paradise Island; Mr. McDonald decided that his career goal was to become an Electrical Engineer(PE); including own and operate an electrical contracting firm.

Simply put: pulling wire, installing Lutrons' HomeWorks lighting control system in high-end homes, and installing other electrical sub-systems fascinated Mr. McDonald. In fact, Mr. McDonald often says that the sound of a contruction site (i.e, backhoes, saws, carpenter's hammer, machinery, noise of construction crews, etc.) is the exciting sound of: 'infrastructure - and a need of an electrical professional'.

Mr. McDonald has lead numerous electrical teams on various residential/commercial projects - from ground zero to project completion(i.e. banks, government buildings, high-end homes, etc). He has also served in different capacities on many electrical project teams as an independent consultant(i.e. QA/QC management, Project Risk management).

Additionally, he has extensive knowlege and expertise on solar-powered water pumping systems which are used in irrigation/agriculture, refugee camps and natural disaster areas, residential/commercial swimming pools/deep wells, community drinking water, and utility water supply. He firmly believes that 'water is life'.

Throughout the years, Mr. McDonald has held numerous positions on various successful projects such as:

  • Project Foreman
  • Site Electrical Coordinator
  • Quality Control Inspector
  • Independent Electrical Consultant
  • Solar Photovoltaic Systems Site Inspector

His attention to detail, professional qualities, and his ability to interpret electrical drawings to ensure no electrical component is overlooked, has gained the respect of notable architects, interior designers, engineers, construction personnel, and clients alike.

He maintains his passion for industry by networking, reading, and  he consistently remains updated with new technology advances, best safety practices, and construction industry changes. He loves what he does, and values the importance of good relationships - both profesionally and personally.

Mr. McDonald's Qualifications(minimum)

  • Licensed Electrician with 20+ years of field experience
  • Holds a OSHA 30-Hour Construction Hazards Card
  • Solar PV Systems Design/Installation Certification
  • Certified International Project Manager
  • Certified Project Risk Manager
  • B.Sc. Electrical Engineering(currently pursuing)
  • Certified Lorentz Solar-Powered Water Pump Systems Technician/Programmer/Installer
  • Qualified Lutron Lighting Controls HomeWorks Installer
  • And many other electrical systems & low-voltage certifications.

Member Associations:

  • Fellow Member of the American Academy of Project Management
  • National Society of Black Engineers (UB campus)
  • Bahamas Contractors' Association
  • Bahamas Chamber of Commerce
  • And many other international industry associations.