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Who We Are

Every day, we get to do what we love doing.

Simply put, whether we're pulling cabling or wire; installing lighting controls or solar PV/thermal systems; solar-powered water pumps or connecting a generator; it's all just 'another fun day' at the office.

At Mac Electrical & Solar, our diversified team take great pride in our work. Integrity; trust; competence; quality; attention to detail - the everyday mantra of our management team.

With more than 50 years of combined electrical experience, our team members play an integral role in serving our customers.

What makes us different from so many other businesses?

Why should you hire us for your project?

  1. It's not about us; it's about meeting and/or exceeding customer expectations - everytime.
  2. We are an electrical, automation, power generation, and energy company.
  3. Simply put, we know electrical installation, and we know solar. This is not arrogance; but instead competence coupled with long years of electrical experience. In fact, electrical competence is what designers; builders; consumers; the AHJ; and other stakeholders; continue to demand and need from electrical professionals.
  4. More and more customers continue to trust us because we value them. We listen. We advise. We treat clients and prospects as if we are the customers ourselves - with respect.
  5. We are a one-point of contact for clients. Meaning, because we are an electrical services company and can bundle the installation of electrical, solar energy, and automation systems; clients profit and save more. Plus, this means less headaches, and less subcontractors moving around their property.
  6. We provide experienced, expert advice, quality work, and after sales support.
  7. We do not sell solar home systems 'in a box' just to make a sale. We understand that each customer project is unique, so we tailor each system to benefit the client. Not our pockets.
  8. We remain up-to-date with the latest technological advances - via in-house, and overseas training; on various manufacturer products, and industry/code changes.
  9. We continue to strive in adopting the best project management and quality assurance/control processes, to ensure that our clients and potential clients will receive high quality installations.
  10. We are a 100% Bahamian-owned company. We don't just do business in The Bahamas, 'we born 'an live here'.

Why we started our business:

Mac Electrical & Solar was started to:

  • Provide a one-stop-shop solution for electrical services, alternative energy, automation, and power generation; to local and/or international architects, engineers, interior designers, building contractors, facility managers, and the general public.
  • Relieve consumers who are frustrated and disappointed with 'shoddy' electricians, and solar system salesmen, who under-perform, provide poor quality work or service, and/or lack the necessary skills to meet thier expectations.
  • Provide customers with a professional team of technicians, who will stand on our company values of Integrity, Responsibility, Client Trust and Quality.
  • To contribute to Bahamian society, as best as we can, by helping to improve our communities - through government and/or private partnerships.
  • To assist local policymakers, NGOs, stakeholders; to improve The Bahamas' electrical and energy policies, while conforming with national/international codes, standards, and industry best practices. 

Some common General Public Complaints that we've heard from consumers regarding other  electricians/electrical contractors, and solar system salesmen:

  1. Poor electrical service & sub-standard work.
  2. Financial lost and psychological stress - by hiring the 'wrong' company to install their electrical systems.
  3. Un-returned calls; having to chase down the electrician to finish the job.
  4. Installations not up-to electrical code & AHJ standards.

OUR SOLUTION @Mac Electrical & Solar: Install quality products, and provide turn-key electrical services that meet and/or exceed customer expectations - on every project, everytime.

Our mesh network of engineers/designers, project managers, administrative staff, and field technicians work toward a smooth electrical installation process.

We understand and value the importance of forming and maintaining good relationships - in general. No matter an individual's social status.

How we started our business: 

Mac Electrical was founded by 'Ray Mac' in 2009; and later rebranded to Mac Electrical & Solar after we began installing renewable energy solutions.

Through our low voltage division - Energy. Automation. Power Generation. provide turn-key solutions for residential and commercial lighting controls, motorized blinds, pool and landscape lighting, etc. 

Mr. McDonald began his electrical career as an apprentice after graduating high school. In his early 20's while working as an electrical foreman on several high-end homes that were being built on Paradise Island; Mr. McDonald decided that his career goal was to become a Professional Electrical Engineer.

His goal was clear: own and operate an electrical contracting firm; plus design electrical power, and communication systems for buildings and communities - with a keen focus on energy, automation, and power generation.

Simply put, what began as a job out of high-school, turned into passion.

Throughout his career, Mr. McDonald has held numerous positions on various successful projects such as:

  • Electrical Project Manager
  • Site Electrical Coordinator
  • Quality Control Inspector
  • Independent Electrical Consultant
  • Solar Photovoltaic Systems Site Inspector

Mr. McDonald's Qualifications(minimum)

  • Licensed Electrician with 20+ years of field experience
  • Holds a OSHA 30-Hour Construction Hazards Card
  • Solar PV Systems Design/Installation Certification
  • Certified International Project Manager
  • Certified Project Risk Manager
  • B.Sc. Electrical Engineering(pursuing)
  • Certified Lorentz Solar-Powered Water Pump Systems Technician/Programmer/Installer
  • Qualified Lutron Lighting Controls HomeWorks Installer
  • And many other electrical systems & low-voltage certifications.

Member Associations:

  • National Society of Black Engineers (UB campus)
  • Bahamas Contractors' Association
  • Eleuthera Chamber of Commerce

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