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Outdoor Lighting by Pool

Intelligent indoor/outdoor lighting & automatic blinds that simply puts you in total control!

We help you to create the perfect scences that will wow your guests and amaze your clients 

Exterior Lighting Outside Home
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Through our low-voltage division - Mac Energy & Automation, we install exceptional lighting control systems to save you time and money. We can install a single space solution or a whole-property single control application, to give you complete control of natural and artificial light.

With automation and system integration, your lights can be programmed to turn remotely, or via scheduling; and your curtain/blinds can open and close through voice control.

In fact, you can contol your whole home or commercial building system to work in tandem with HVAC temperature controls. 

Going on vacation? No problem. You can set your automated lighting and shades to 'Away' mode, so that lights will turn off and on, or shades will open and close, to deter 'would-be' burglars.

With an intelligent lighting system, you can turn on your lights from your mobile device as you drive home from work, so you don't have to enter a dark house.

Did you know that dimming your lights by 15% will reduce your energy usage by 15 percent? You guessed right. Energy savings means that you keep mor money in your pocket.

With Mac Energy & Automation, the possibilites are endless!

Call us today to learn how you can have a lighting or whole-home control system installed.

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Residential/Commercial Intelligent Lighting Controls

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