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Use the FREE Lorentz solar pool pump or submersible pump calculator, on the SOLAR LINE CARD PAGE to estimate of your energy savings.

Water + Energy = Resilience

"To move water from rivers, boreholes or ponds; for people, animals, or plants; we need power. Solar water pumps use the power of the sun, and convert it to electricity, to pump water" - Lorentz Germany Headquarters

Solar-powered water pumping systems is a proven technology since the 1970s. Solar-powered water pump systems use the power of the sun to move water, by photovoltaic modules(solar panels) - versus utility or generator power.

Compared to utility or generator power, the Lorentz brand of solar water pumping systems offer an unmatched ability to consistently and predictably supply water in even the most remote(off-grid) or harshest environment. In fact, remote monitoring options allow you to view pump status, receive notifications, or control on/off times, from anywhere in the world.

With Lorentz, you no longer need to drive to and from your pump site just to know if your pump is running or not. Reduce costly truck rolls to send a technician in the field. Remote monitoring provides you or your company with real-time pump information, historical data, energy reports.

Hybrid solutions, can blend the use of alternative power sources(i.e. generator, utility) can also be very effective with proper planning and design.


Today, solar water pumping systems are used all over the world in various applications for: agriculture; irrigation; utility water and sanitation; community drinking water; refugee camps and disaster relief; and residential or commercial swimming pools.


  • Greater access to clean and sanitized potable water for drinking and sanitation - in hard to reach communities, or disaster relief areas.
  • Lorentz solar water pumping systems have a proven track record of delivering water to homes, communities and livestock, all around for 20 years.
  • Using solar power means that you can install a pumping system almost anywhere, irrespective of power infrastructure availability and the associated costs.
  • Lower operational costs are achieved as the system requires no fossil fuels, can be remotely managed, and is designed to have a long working life.
  • Lorentz pump systems are designed and built to be used on your water projects by German engineering teams who only focus on solar water pumping. This experience means your system components, designed for your project, is tested and built for operation in the harshest, most remote environments.
  • Water independence and security from unreliable power grid, natural disasters, and increasing cost for fossil fuels.
  • Lower overhead for farmers to irrigate crops, and longer crop seasons. This equals more profits.
  • Reduction or elimination of harmful greenhouse gases. 
  • Greater efficiency

Water is essential to life - physically, psychologically, socially, and economically. 

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